Effect of Grewia gum on the mechanical properties of Paracetamol tablet formulations

Author(s): Martins E, Christiana I, Olobayo K


Grewia gum has been evaluated as a binder in paracetamol tablet formulations. Compressional properties of the formulations were analyzed using density measurements and the compression equations of Heckel and Kawakita as assessment parameters. Formulations containing Grewia gum as a binder show a slower onset and lower amount of plastic deformation than those containing PVP. The Db values for formulations containing Grewia gum, increased with increased concentration up to 4% w/w. Formulations containing Grewia gum were also found to exhibit higher degree of packing than those containing PVP. Yield values for formulations containing Grewia gum was found to be at variance with the binder concentration. The values increased between 1 and 2% w/w and decreased between 2 and 4% w/w. A linear relationship was found to exist between N/C and N for formulations containing Grewia gum at all concentrations. Grewia gum was found to improve the fluidity of paracetamol granulation better than PVP. This study suggests that Grewia gum compares favorably with the standard binder PVP used hence could be a useful substitute binder in paracetamol tablet formulations.

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