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Endophthalmitis associated with the Ahmed glaucoma valve implant

Author(s): Al-Torbak AA, Al-Shahwan S, Al-Jadaan I, Al-Hommadi A, Edward DP

Utilization of fly ash from coal-fired power plants in China

Author(s): Cao DZ, Selic E, Herbell JD

Dental clinics as potent sources for screening undiagnosed diabetes and prediabetes

Author(s): AlGhamdi AS, Merdad K, Sonbul H, Bukhari SM, Elias WY

The current status of FDG-PET in tumour volume definition in radiotherapy treatment planning

Author(s): van Baardwijk A, Baumert BG, Bosmans G, van Kroonenburgh M, Stroobants S, et al.

Effects of selenium on histopathological and enzymatic changes in experimental liver injury of rats

Author(s): Ozardali I, Bitiren M, Karakilçik AZ, Zerin M, Aksoy N, et al.

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