Two different lymph node metastatic patterns of a prostatic cancer

Author(s): Saitoh H, Yoshida K, Uchijima Y, Kobayashi N, Suwata J, et al.


Among 753 autopsy prostatic cancer cases with a metastasis, 476 (63%) had a lymph node metastasis, whereas 277 (37%) did not. Two different lymph node metastatic patterns were observed: Type 1, combined metastasis involving the pelvic and paraaortic lymph nodes; and Type 2, metastasis to the paraaortic lymph nodes, but not to the pelvic lymph nodes. Type 1 metastasis cases showed a significantly more frequent metastasis to the bladder and rectum, and a less frequent metastasis to the lungs and liver. Hydronephrosis occurred more frequently (P less than 0.01) in the Type 1. Furthermore, in the Type 1 cases the lymph node metastasis appeared to be continuously invasive, but in the Type 2 cases, metastasis appeared to be the skip type or some metastases may have spread via the vertebral vein bypass route and may have been associated with a hematogenous metastasis.

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