Segmenting food festival visitors: Applying the Theory of Planned Behavior and Lifestyle

Author(s): Horng JS, Su CS, So SIA


Based on the theory of planned behavior (TPB), this study developed a behavioral model for food festival visitors. Behavioral models for visitors with different lifestyles were also examined by classifying participants according to lifestyle. This quantitative study implemented a questionnaire survey and literature review to design TPB and lifestyle scales. A total of 489 participants completed a survey during the Eighth Macau Food Festival 2008 (n = 244) and the 2008 Taiwan Culinary Exhibition (n = 245). Structural equation modeling (SEM) was then used for model fitting and verification. The analytical results indicated that visitors with different lifestyles exhibited different behavioral patterns that affected the influences of TPB variables on behavioral intention. Integrating lifestyle factors and TPB thus increase the completeness of the theory. In terms of festival organization, this study also proposed practical suggestions and theoretical implications. Finally, the limitations of this study and proposed future research directions were also presented.

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