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Geochemistry of some banded iron formations of the Archean supracrustals, Jharkhand-Orissa region, India

Author(s): Bhattacharya HN, Chakraborty I, Ghosh KK


Banded iron-formations (BIF) form an important part of the Archean supracrustal belts of the Jharkhand-Orissa region, India. Major, trace and REE chemistry of the banded iron-formation of the Gandhamardan, Deo Nala, Gorumahisani and Noamundi sections of the Jharkhand-Orissa region are utilized to explore the source of metals and to address the thermal regime of the basin floor and the redox conditions of the archean sea. Hydrothermal fluids of variable temperatures might have contributed the major part of the Fe and other trace elements to the studied banded iron-formations. Diagenetic fluids from the sea floor sediments and river water might have played a subdued role in supplying the Fe and other elements for the banded iron-formations.