A new approach to consumer theory

Author(s): Lancaster KJ


The rapid population growth and economic expansion in Ghana over the last decade have made the management of its population increasingly important necessitating detailed confidential studies on use of birth control methods. This paper reports a highly confidential survey-based study undertaken to assess the extent of awareness of and factors influencing the use of birth control methods among 120 women aged between 15 and 49 years, in their reproductive lifespan, at Abokobi, a suburb of Accra, Ghana. The analysis showed that age was the main factor responsible for the general level of awareness of birth control methods. The use of birth control methods was positively related to the level of awareness of birth control methods, being in a current sexual relationship, and the number of children that the woman had. Students were less likely to use birth control methods than non-students suggesting the need for more recognition of abstinence as an alternative birth control method.

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