Prevalence of CKD in northeastern Italy: results of the INCIPE study and comparison with NHANES

Author(s): Gambaro G, Yabarek T, Graziani MS, Gemelli A, Abaterusso C, et al.


Background and objectives: Sufficiently powered studies to investigate the CKD prevalence are few and do not cover southern Europe.

Design, setting, participants, & measurements: For the INCIPE study, 6200 Caucasian patients ≥40 years old were randomly selected in northeastern Italy in 2006. Laboratory determinations were centralized. The albumin to creatinine ratio in urine and estimated GFR from calibrated creatinine (SCr) were determined. A comparison with 2001 through 2006 NHANES surveys was performed.

Results: Prevalence of CKD was 13.2% in northeastern (NE) Italy (age and gender standardized to the U.S. 2007 Caucasian population). Prevalence of CKD in U.S. Caucasians is higher (20.3%), the major difference being in CKD 3. Risk factors for CKD are more prevalent in the United States than in Italy. With use of CKD 3a and 3b stages, CKD prevalence decreased in NE Italy (8.5%) and in the United States (12.8%).

Conclusions: The prevalence of CKD is high in NE Italy, but lower than that in the United States. A large part of the difference in CKD prevalence in NE Italy versus that in the United States is due to the different prevalence of CKD 3. The higher prevalence of a number of renal risk factors in persons from the United States explains in part the different dimensions of the CKD problem in the two populations.

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