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Effect of post-harvest heat treatment on proteome change of peach fruit during ripening

Author(s): Zhang L, Yu Z, Jiang L, Jiang J, Luo H, et al.


The extracted proteins from the heat-treated peach fruit (dipped in hot water at 48°C for 10min and then stored at room temperature (20°C-25°C) for up to 6 days) were used for proteomic analysis in order to understand the response of post-harvest peach fruit to heat treatment during ripening stage at proteomic level. After two dimensional gels electrophoresis (2-DE) was conducted, more than 600 protein spots were detected. Among them, 35 differently expressed spots (P<0.05) were selected to be excised and analyzed using MALDI-TOF/TOF, and finally 30 protein spots were confidently identified according to NCBI database. The results demonstrated that among the thirty protein spots expressed particularly induced by heat treatment, 43% were related to stress response, 17% to cell structure, 13% to protein fate, 7% to glycolytic pathway, 3% to ripening and senescence and 17% to unclassified. All of them are involved in the regulation of peach fruit development and ripening. All these indicated that the self-defense capability of peach fruit was improved by heat treatment. The study will enable future detailed investigation of gene expression and function linked with peach fruit ripening.

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